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They added animation to sketchbook so expect me to make little 10 frame animations.

They also finally added features that I have been wishing for since I first started using sketchbook pro. Many of them are features that Sai has had for a while, so now Sketchbook Pro is the ultimate drawing tool. Unfortunately they also adopted that stupid annual fee subscription based crap that other companies are doing now. Luckily it's only 20 bucks a year. The Mac version is broken out of the box for some reason so I haven't been able to play with it but they acknowledged it's broken and are fixing it right away. Not sure why they let you download a broken version but whatever.

If you have a Mac you should be using Sketchbook. It's free to download and free to use the basic pro tools from Sketchbook pro 6 when you setup a free account and 20 bucks a year for the new pro tools which include animation and layer grouping and symmetry controls.

Can't wait to see what people do with the animation feature. 

No one on the internet knows what Love & Tolerate means anymore. They think it means everyone has to love them and tolerate them. It doesn’t and never has meant that. I’m an old Brony from the early days and I was there when the phrase was made.

It means you have to love everyone even if they hate you. Even if you hate what they stand for, you have to at least try to show them love and kindness. For love is the only weapon that actually combats hatred.

And then you must tolerate the fact that not everyone will love you. You must tolerate that many will hate your views and attack you. You must let the hatred of these people flow past you and not get sucked up in the current of hate.

That is what is meant when you say Love & Tolerate. It was always meant to be a self mantra to be said when you feel anger and hatred building in yourself. When you feel the hot anger rushing at you from people full of rage and despair at seeing others enjoying life.

Love & Tolerate isn’t dead, it’s just misunderstood because those that used it during season 1 failed to pass on the true meaning and teachings of it. Only the phrase got mentioned and new Bronies mistook it for a shield of self esteem.

They thought it meant that they were some how special and that everyone needs to be nice to them. But we all know that’s not how life works. Everything in life is a struggle. To be at peace while enjoying Ponies means you must find a way to suffer the hate of others without it turning you into a hateful person as well.

We never fully succeed in this but we try everyday to add a little joy into our lives by spreading love where we can.

Love & Tolerate.

   It's been a few days since Wendy died. Feels kind of weird not seeing her out there anymore. You get used to seeing a face every day and don't expect to suddenly have that face disappear after 17 years. I sort of wish I had more art of her and photos that I could use as a reference to do new art. It's gotta be worse for my wife since she had her for nearly 23 years. Owning a horse lets you experience what Celestia and Luna must go through when some one they love has to pass away from old age over and over again.
When someone you admire thinks you are scum... Yeah I'm going to dwell on this for a few days and be angry and sad so stick with me and it will pass.
I think I'm going to do a series of very large paintings designed just for printing and framing. Most of my are is very small and as such, unsuitable for framing and displaying. I'm going to try to fix that. 

Anyone have any subjects they would like to see addressed in the paintings? any special characters or what not? Drop a suggestion in the comments.
I setup a donation thingy for points and if I hit my goal I'm going to make 10 prints of my artwork and sign them and send them to the top 10 donators. I plan on using every point I get to make these prints. So that means largest size framed and what not. I'll work out the details with the winners. That way they can pick the picture they want to have printed and what not.… give me points anyway... if you feel like it that is. I mean I don't really care but it feels good to receive things.
I'm just curious since I don't get much feedback and only 155 people actually follow me which means only about 20 people actually actively look at my work. I just feel like I want to draw more erotically charged images or more passionate images as well as darker shit. If you have an opinion on what you like to see on this page post a comment.
I wonder if anyone knows about my SoundCloud and YouTube?

Go ahead and check them out:

Time to get a move on my commissions again. I hope everyone is patient enough to wait for me to finish their requests. I have a new book cover and a revised book cover to do first thing. I'm also toying with some album art designs for a friend. I hope you guys had a great holiday season and are ready for the new year to come. Love you guys!
If anyone wants to gift a new one that would be cool. If not then oh well. My page layout will most likely change on the 13th when it expires.
I'm in a tight spot this month and wonder if anyone wants a sketch of a pony for a buck or two.

my PayPal is at

I take donations and requests for sketches if you feel like being charitable.
Last night I was pouring over my memories from a year ago trying to remember this very important piece of revelation I had that I somehow forgot to write down or lost. I had spent the last week turning it over and over, reading the original notes and even the first chapter I wrote that was supposed to have elements from this new version in it. Nothing was jogging my memory. Then I found a note book that had my original notes about how Alicorns are born. I have that info here on DA but my notes had a few extra bits and after thinking about who my characters are and who their foals are and who their parents are everything snapped into focus and I wrote down the core idea that very second. The rest of the night was spent dancing and singing.

What this means is that I'm going back to work writing this little story about a tragic little pony that digs her life out of the dirt and shit only to find more pitfalls. It's not a super clever story or something that will be worthy of print but I feel I have to tell it. I owe it to her to get her story out. So my drawing is probably going to slow down a little. If anything I may sketch her world and pictures of her and her friends so I have something visual to use when describing them and their surroundings.

I love all you that show interest in my work. It means a lot more than you know in the motivation department. I hope I deliver at least a passable story for you to enjoy and I hope that as people find and read it they will help shape it a little. Help smooth the edges and show me where to apply the polish.

Thank you.
I have been doodling at work and doing little digital sketches on the weekends. They are not full color cleaned up beautiful pieces to use as screen savers or backgrounds on your phone but they do look cool and have a point. I'm sort of working on some illustrations for stories I have been writing. My stories no doubt such and none of them are close to finished but they did inspire me to draw so I'm drawing while the inspiration lasts.

If my life's troubles ease up this year with the new job and much higher income, I may actually finish up some stories and maybe release them along with the art. Hell, if people like it enough maybe I'll look into doing a small print run with art in the book and sell it. You never know. Good things may be coming. 
I mean look through my art and tell me it makes sense that some of my art looks like a 1st grader drew it and other stuff looks really good. I look at me hands and wonder why they do that. Why make ugly art when you're able to do really pretty art? My hands just shake back at me. I don't think they can hear me or if they do they choose not to understand me.

I wonder if other artists go through this. Do they draw crappy pictures too and just have the good sense not to post them? I'd love to know if they do.

I have a few drawings that are done but are waiting for a certain event to happen before I post them. So in the mean time enjoy horrible art from a wanna-be artist.
For some reason this got posted twice and I didn't know it. The comments below should then go with the journal entry No One Ever Asks.
Which means I haven't been updating this as much. I'll try and scan everything and post it all as soon as I get a free day to play on the computer. Scanning is annoying. I wish I had a scanner that you just feed the paper into. That way I could scan big items too. My flatbed scanner is too tiny for some of my larger drawings.
I just delivered my final version of cover art for one of his songs which should go up sooner or later. As soon as it hits I'll post the art here.

Follow Tarby's channel at
Once again I've started slacking really bad out of fear of turning out crap rather than using this time to practice style and technique. I do this a lot and it's why you'll see a month of really good work followed by 6 months of silence. Yesterday I did 4 drawings in about an hour or two and got good comments on them so today I'm going to draw some more and the same with the rest of the week and month and hopefully year. Damn the pain in my back and damn my sloth-like mentality. I'm going to start making a program of things for me to do starting with cleaning up in the morning before sitting down to draw so I never have to worry about getting my housework done. Then I can just sit and draw with the remaining time I have in the day and finish up when I finish up. So expect to see little drawings here and there.
i dont know what i did but my back is so fucked up i cant draw or sit or sleep. its driving me crazy!